Middle: Walter found a crawl north WW#3 that had good possibilities. With no other activity, he easily located the egg chamber of DEB40 and then proceeded to educate a group of children (he’s so good at this). Way to go Walter!

Hobcaw: Steven’s only activity this morning is puzzling. He had a crawl in Ocean Green where the turtle came up and made a normal body pit. He located the chamber of HOB34 but only found 6 eggs, all broken. Steven probed the area but found no additional eggs. Carolyn gave it another try but also found nothing else. Could it be the turtle’s last nest of the season although that doesn’t explain the broken eggs:(

DEB 40 HOB 34 SCUTE 176 SC 4564

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7-19-21 The body pit of this crawl north WW#3 that if a nest, was in a good location to leave it natural.
7-19-21 Walter located the egg chamber and did some turtle education with a small group of interested vacationers.
7-19-21 Because we have run out of screens, Walter used our triangle system to mark DEB40.
7-19-21 Steven found this crawl in Ocean Green that looked normal until he located the egg chamber.
7-19-21 There were only a total of 6 eggs in the chamber of HOB34 and they were all broken…so strange. It may have been the turtle’s last nest of the season and the only eggs she had??