We got a call from Security at 9:00 last night saying a turtle was nesting on the beach between WW#3 and #4. Both Walter and Pat St. had reported seeing a loggerhead in that area beyond the waves possibly scouting out the beach. Carolyn had a false crawl just north of there Sunday.

Apparently, the turtle came on shore around 8:00 and went back in the ocean at 10:05…a long process. There was a small group being very respectful of the turtle’s space and not taking flash photography. The waxing moon provided great lighting for watching. When the large female finished, she made a beeline for the ocean and actually slid down the scarp. Bill tried to measure the moving turtle and came up with 42 in. long…a BIG GIRL!! Beth got some great photos without using a flash:)

This morning, Beth and Pat St. having no North activity, went to check on Kathy C. at the nest. Kathy and Pat probed the area and finding no chamber, Betsy gave it a try. The Turtle Whisperer, Bill, was called in and wasted no time locating the soft spot! The nest needed to be relocated because it was just below the spring tide and in an area that slanted back. Kathy and Pat did a careful job of transferring the eggs. The large nest had 142 eggs +1 used for DNA. Good job ladies!!

DEB 2 HOB 2 SCUTE 7 SC 313

5-24-21 This turtle was observed nesting from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. between WW#3 and #4.
5-24-21 The moon provided great light for observing and taking photos without a flash.
5-25-21 This turtle did an elaborate job of covering her nest to disguise it from predators…and volunteers! Kathy begins to probe the crawl.
5-25-21 Pat got some good probing experience.
5-25-21 The nest had to be relocated to safer habitat. 142 eggs were carefully removed from the original nest to the new one.
5-25-21 A tired Kathy and Pat pause for the finished and protected nest photo…job well done ladies!