Hobcaw: Volunteer Kathi A. on her morning survey found a hatchling in the grip of a ghost crab at HOB07 north #7mm. It was in the crab hole adjacent to the nest chamber. There were also fire ants on the nest. Kathi freed the turtle and as she got the turtle on the beach to crawl to the ocean, another came out of the same crab hole….and then the nest boiled! The crab and ants had induced the hatch and the 55 frisky turtles poured out and headed to the water. A couple out walking helped Kathi make sure they all got in safely. 
With the remainder of the nest at risk, Kathi was given permission by SCDNR to go ahead and dig out the contents and relocate any viable eggs/pipping turtles and free any hatchlings. Kathi did so and freed 10 more live hatchlings.

Amazingly, the hatch success was 88%!  This is a short video because Kathi had to count and escort the hatchlings to the ocean. Great save this morning, Kathi!

Inventory Schedule (both at 6:00 pm):

Friday: DEB06 6/2 between Walkways #5 and #6

Saturday: DEB09 6/6 in Ocean Park (5 minute walk north from the Beach Club walkway