North: Volunteers Judie and Jean were on their North walk this morning and had the good fortune to walk up just as DEB12 was hatching! This is rare to have turtles emerge during the daylight. They counted as 84 hatchlings that made their way out of the nest and crawled to the calm ocean. People out walking and jogging were flagged down as the turtles spread out on the beach and got to witness a special sight they will never forget!

DEB12 went through H. Isaias (8/3) and was missing with all identifying equipment lost. Volunteers Buffie and Mark located the nest on 8/6 and dug it out from under of 14 inches of sand.

Turtles are so resilient and volunteers are so passionate about protecting them!

Watch 2 videos by Judie/Jean: 

DEB12 beginning to hatch!