We had a total of 15 nests remaining on DeBordieu & Hobcaw prior to Hurricane Dorian. All were lost or buried so deep never to hatch on the Hobcaw stretch. One nest in the Middle was found and inventoried after the storm yielding only a 38% hatch success.

North: Loggerheads are resilient and we have located a total of 4 nests:

DEB58 relocated 7/17 north #9mm Inventory Wed. at 6:00 p.m.

DEB59 natural 71/18 south #14mm (Prince George) located last night while hatching! Inventory Friday at 6:00 p.m.

DEB60 relocated 7/21 (51 days) south #16mm

DEB63 natural 8/9 (32 days) north #16mm

DEB 63 HOB 68 SCUTE 357 SC 8747

9-10 Demonstrating how resilient they are, this nest DEB59 went through the wrath of Dorian and still managed to hatch! Buffie and Mark observed a total of 17 hatchlings make their way out of this shallow nest around 9:30 Monday night.