We have not had any crawls for the past 2 nights probably due to high winds and rough seas. This may continue for the next few days. We do know that our 3 flippered turtle, Gimpy, also likes to visit North Island just across North Inlet from Hobcaw. She had her 5th aborted attempt on the north end of the island Monday with 11 open chambers left. Loggerheads dig out their chambers with their rear flippers (usually 20-24 in. deep) and Gimpy is missing her rear left one. She can only dig so far (usually 4-12 in. deep) and gives up without laying her clutch. Eventually, she must become desperate enough to get the job done because we have seen her nests in the past. Loggerheads lay 4-6 nests a season so Gimpy has another batch of eggs developing and needs to deposit this one. We are all pulling for you Gimpy!!

With no activity to report this morning, our volunteers took some dramatic sunrise photos.

DEB 2 HOB 3 SCUTE 12 SC 479

Martha caught the sun just coming out of the ocean on Hobcaw.
Carolyn, walking the Middle, took this sunrise photo.
Beth and Marie sent this pretty view of the sunrise from Prince George.