North: Maribeth and Donna St. had a U turn false crawl south #14mm at Prince George low on the beach. Hopefully, this turtle will try again tonight:)

DEBFC15  90 yds. south #14mm   

Maribeth and Donna found this U turn false crawl up at Prince George.

Middle: Donna, subbing for Jackie, noted fox prints around DEB22 7/13 south WW#4. On Wednesday the fox was also interested in DEB21 between WW#3 and #4. We will need to keep an eye on this activity.

A fox is showing interest in our turtle nests which concerns us. Foxes can tunnel under screens and get into the clutch of eggs.

Hobcaw: Wendy had no turtle activity but said there were small alligator tracks on a good stretch of the beach.

Wendy noted the tracks of a small alligator that crawled a long distance on Hobcaw Beach.

DEB 23 HOB 41 SCUTE 143 SC 4618