North: Beth walking with her daughter and Pat St., had a great crawl north #5mm where the turtle came up to the base of the dunes. As they walked on, they cleared several nests of windblown sand by lifting the screens:) Returning to the crawl, Beth and Pat both probed with Beth locating the chamber of DEB26…good going!

Middle: Kathy C. had no activity other than 2 holes dug above the high tideline. Security was notified. The Coastal Observer will have an article Thursday about holes on the beach and news about an ordinance introduced at Georgetown County Council to ban them. Myrtle Beach recently passed one and those who dig them have to fill them back in!

Hobcaw: Wendy, subbing for Martha, had a crawl south #2mm near the palmetto tree. She followed it up into the grasses and realized it would be challenging. She returned from the inlet to work on the crawl, Wendy surprised herself by locating eggs of HOB20! These are the nests that challenge the volunteers…good find:)

About foxes: There were several fox sightings this morning on the beach and roadside. Beth got this photo as she left the Beach Club. Each time, the fox seen had a rat (or 2) in it’s mouth. The planted grasses in the medians and on the golf course provide great ‘rat habitat’. The foxes are helping keep that population down. It is unfortunate that some people are trying to eliminate the foxes.

DEB 26 (17 in 2020) HOB 20 (25) SCUTE 114 (80) SC 2920 (3032)

6-29-20 It is such a pleasure to follow a crawl that goes above the tide line and has a concise body pit. Beth and Pat St. found this one in front of N. Beach Villas.
6-29-21 Both volunteers probed the area but Beth located the egg chamber of DEB26!
6-29-21 Wendy had this crawl south #2mm on Hobcaw that went up in the tall grasses. She knew it would be interesting to probe.
6-29-21 This turtle was determined to get her nest out of harm’s way.
6-29-21 Wendy did a great job locating the egg chamber of HOB20 among all the grasses and roots.
6-29-21 This fox seems to have a rat in it’s mouth. The species is great for controlling rats which are so prevalent in the planted grasses in the medians and on the golf course. People should not be attempting to control the fox population.