Last night’s rain did not deter turtle activity:) DEB & HOB remain neck & neck for a total of 44 nests!

North: Judy K. was joined by Maribeth, Haden and Anita. Having no activity, they decided to give the false crawl from yesterday a second try for practice probing. Judy demonstrated and found a soft area. She had Maribeth and Haden probe to get the feel of the softer sand. With Judy’s guidance, Haden dug in the area and BINGO…an egg! Great find on your first walk, Haden!
DEB22  natural located 52 yds. south #13mm.  33.38753  -79.14430

Hobcaw: Brandie let us know she was not feeling well so Betsy took off on her bike. This was the activity:

HOBFC18  U turn false crawl north #17mm 
HOBFC19  very loopy with 2 turns in dune area but no body pit/digging
                 just east of ‘No Camping’ sign at inlet

HOB22  natural  beside HOB08 (5/27) and likely same turtle (DNA will tell)
           south #19mm  

DEB 22 HOB 22 SCUTE 121 SC 2910

6-9 Judy K. guides Haden to follow the soft sand.
6-9 Much to their surprise, yesterday’s false crawl turned out to be a nest! Haden found the eggs by following the soft sand in the chamber…congratulations Haden!
6-9 Judy, Haden and Maribeth had an unexpected discovery as they turned a false crawl into DEB22!
6-9 This loopy false crawl on Hobcaw had 2 turnarounds in the dunes but no evidence of nesting.
6-9 HOB22 laid right beside HOB08 and could be the same turtle at 13 days apart. DNA will tell us!