North: Judy had a beautiful crawl at #15mm at Prince George. It was a nest and laid in a great location on the slant of the dune. Good job Judy!

DEB32 Natural  at #15mm 

Middle: Carolyn had 2 false crawls and one of the turtles had not been gone long. She thinks maybe the movement of early tent erectors may have been the issue. 

DEBFC34  WW#1  turtle had just left

DEBFC35  north WW#10   U turn

Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan found a long, loopy crawl near #13mm where the turtle scaled a dune to nest. Brandie proved she still ‘has it’ and located the chamber on the first probe,…yay!

HOB25 Natural   #13mm  on top of dune

DEB 32              HOB 25                SCUTE 152                     SC 5214

7-3-22 Judy was excited to see this beautiful crawl at Prince George’s #15mm
7-3-22 DEB32 is in a good location for incubation.
7-3-22 We’ll call this photo “Sunnyside up”! One egg is taken from each nest for DNA analysis.
7-3-22 Carolyn found a crawl near the Beach Club where the tracks went into the wet sand indicating the turtle had not been gone long.
7-3-22 Brandie and Ryan found this long crawl at #13mm that went up to the dune.
7-3-22 This turtle climbed the dune and laid her nest on top out of harm’s way. Brandie located the egg chamber on the first attempt!
7-3-22 Brandie and Ryan document their protection of HOB25…good job team!