North: Judy K. had not had a nest in a while and was thrilled to find a textbook crawl in front of North Beach Villas! She walked on to Pawleys Inlet and returned to locate the egg chamber. The intuitive turtle crawled high enough on the face of the dune for the nest to be left natural (DEB09).

Hobcaw: Brandie and Ryan also had a potential nest north #7mm and went on to finish their walk to North Inlet. With no other activity, Brandie found the chamber and was happy the location was above the spring tide and on a good slant (HOB07).

DEB 9 HOB 7 SCUTE 41 SC 1057

6-6-21 Judy K. was excited to spot this crawl in front of North Beach Villas this morning and made it DEB09!
6-6-21 This turtle nestled her eggs up close to the dune below some grasses north #7mm. Brandie probed, found the chamber and made it HOB07!