North: Judie found a perfect crawl right at #15mm at Prince George on the low slant of the dune. It had lots of thrown sand, a large body pit and the outgoing track was significantly longer. Judie wasted no time locating the nest but broke her probe in the process:( Congratulations on your first nest of the season!

DEB09  1 yd. south #15mm 

Judie E. had a perfect crawl in an ideal location and easily found the egg chamber of DEB09.

Hobcaw: Bob B. had multiple crawls this morning by Gimpy and 3/4 other turtles…6 to be exact! Bob did an excellent job with data, photos and locating nests. Bob had no trouble finding either nest..Yay Bob!

HOB14  18 yds. north #8mm   

HOB15   130 yds. south #7mm         

DEB 9 HOB 15 SCUTE 52 SC 1772