North: Buffie, Jean and Mark found a crawl north #8mm that looked promising. Jean, in training for her DNR certification, analyzed the crawl and body pit. She eventually located the egg chamber and retrieved an egg from DEB30 for DNA…go Jean!

Hobcaw: Steven had yet another crawl in the middle of Ocean Green in the scarp. He returned back from the inlet and located the nest. Since our policy is to relocate away from this pushed up dune, Steven carried the bucket of 112 eggs to “the nursery” south #0mm. Good work, Steven!

DEB 30 HOB 23 SCUTE 131 SC 3549

7-5-21 Jean, working on her DNR certification, practices her probing skills on a crawl north #8mm.
7-5-21 Success! Jean located the egg chamber of DEB30 and brought out one egg for DNA.
7-5-21 Steven found a crawl in Ocean Green that needed to be relocated to the growing “nursery” south #0mm.