North: Beth found a crawl in front of the northernmost house in Ocean Park that went up in the grasses. 

DEB37 Natural  84 yds. north #6mm  33.378464  -79.147779  good find Beth!

Hobcaw: There was a crawl only 9 yds. south of yesterday’s false crawl at #18mm (same turtle?). This time she went to a low mound of grasses to lay her nest. There were raccoon prints around the nest area. Martha waited out the tide to be able to access the southern tip of Hobcaw to complete her survey.

HOB30 Natural  south #18mm   way to go Martha! 

DEB 37            HOB 30             SCUTE 189           SC 6158

7-12-22 DEB37 crawls up to the grasses to get her nest out of harm’s way. Beth located the chamber of this nest in Ocean Park.
7-12-22 This crawl on Hobcaw is only 9 yds. south of a false crawl from yesterday. We imagine it is the same turtle and this time she successfully laid her nest which Martha located…HOB30!
7-12-22 Martha protected HOB30 for it’s 55+ day incubation.