Today’s 2 nests give DeBordieu and Hobcaw a total of 76 which makes this our 3rd best season yet! The turtles will nest for another 3-4 weeks.

North: Pat, training Jean this morning, had a crawl on Prince George between #15mm and #16mm. The body pit area was in the middle of the beach well below the spring tide line. A ghost crab had already likely marked the chamber:( Jean probed her way to the crab hole and found eggs:) The crab had already feasted on some. Pat and Jean relocated the nest, cleaning eggs as they went. This was a great training nest (DEB41) for Jean and Pat said she did it all and well!

Hobcaw: Duane had 2 crawls this morning. He first found one north #2mm where the turtle ran into a small dead tree and made a tight exit turn (coyote prints). Duane declared this a false crawl. North #6mm there was a more promising crawl with nesting characteristics at the base of the dune. Returning from the inlet to the crawl near #6mm, Duane located the egg chamber of HOB35 and decided it could stay natural…nice job!

Beach holes: Michael found a very wide hole last night in front of N. Beach Villas. With help from a young family, he filled it in to avoid a dangerous situation for turtles and people. Thanks to Michael and the Burgess family! Please dig your holes below the high tide line and fill them in before leaving the beach!

DEB 41 HOB 35 SCUTE 181 SC 4637

Save the date: S.C.U.T.E. Loop 5K Run/Walk – October 23!!

7-21-21 DEB41 was laid in the middle of the beach at Prince George. The ghost crab knew right where the eggs were and devoured several before Pat and Jean could find and relocate the nest.
7-21-21 Under Pat’s supervision, Jean carefully transfers the eggs from the nest to the bucket for relocation.
7-21-21 Jean, working on her SCDNR certification, did the whole nest procedure today. Pat said she did a good job!
7-21-21 Duane found this body pit nestled up the base of the dunes north #6mm on Hobcaw.
7-21-21 Probing, Duane turned this crawl into HOB35. This makes 76 nests for DEB/HOB and our 3rd best season!
7-21-21 Michael found this large hole in front of N. Beach Villas last night. With some help from the Burgess family, he filled it in to prevent an accident.