North: Lourdes found a crawl south #11mm leading up to an ideal location on the dune. It was well above the STL and she easily located the chamber! There was also a false crawl just to the north that could have been an earlier attempt by the same turtle.

DEB44 Natural   south #11mm 

DEBFC47  north #11mm 

Hobcaw: Early into his walk near #2mm, Duane also found a perfect crawl leading up to a body pit above the STL. Probing, he wasted no time locating the egg chamber!

HOB31 Natural  south #2mm 

Watch video: A gentleman who likes to walk Hobcaw got to witness the hatch of 70 turtles out of HOB03 Sunday evening. He shared one of the many videos he took documenting this exciting event!

DEB 44  HOB 31  SCUTE 224  SC 7018

7-21-22 This turtle laid in an ideal spot on the dune near #11mm. Lourdes located the egg chamber and left it natural.
7-21-22 Duane also had a nest laid in a good location above the spring tide line near #2mm on Hobcaw.