Celebration Party: The volunteers celebrated the record breaking nesting season with a party last night. The champagne flowed, toasts were made, wonderful appetizers devoured and some volunteers got to actually meet each other in person!

North: Beth, Lourdes and Anita had a concise crawl north #14mm at Prince George. Lourdes probed and quickly found the sweet spot and Anita dug in to locate the egg chamber….good teamwork!

DEB56 natural north #14mm 

Middle: We will do these inventories Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.:

DEB01 south WW#4 and DEB02 south WW#5

We will do the inventory of DEB06 between WW#4 and #5 Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

Hobcaw: Martha, Buffie and Mark had one crawl north #1mm where the turtle stopped low on the beach and went to great effort covering her nest while moving forward. Buffie zeroed in on the chamber and the team decided the nest should be relocated since it was below the spring tide line. Martha said Buffie did the entire procedure by herself and earned an A+!

HOB64 relocated to 54 yds. north #1mm  

DEB 56 HOB 64 SCUTE 311 SC 7502

7-15 We had a good turnout of volunteers to celebrate our record breaking nesting season!
7-16 This was the concise crawl/body pit of DEB56 laid north #14mm at Prince George.
7-16 Lourdes quickly located the chamber then Anita dug down to find the eggs! This one will be used for DNA.
7-16 HOB64 laid her nest a bit too low on the beach. Martha, Buffie and Mark decided to relocate to safer habitat.
7-16 Mark watches as Buffie carefully removes the eggs of HOB64 out of the original nest.
7-16 The new nest location was in much better habitat for a successful hatch. Here, Buffie carefully replaces the eggs of HOB64 in the newly dug chamber.