North: Judie, joined by Jean, had a crawl right at Prince George’s #13mm with high nest probability. Could this be the return of yesterday’s wandering turtle? She may have learned it is easier to come straight in, nest and go out! Judie found the egg chamber in a tight body pit and Jean was excited to observe the process…good going!

DEB16  5 yds. north #13mm   

DEB16 had a tight body pit and Judie easily located the egg chamber.
DEB16 could be the same wandering turtle from yesterday. This time she came straight in and laid her nest!

Middle: Pat and John had a crawl just a bit south of the nest from yesterday. This turtle did make a U turn with no interruption in the track. 

DEBFC09  44 yds. south WW#1   

Hobcaw: Bob and Denise walked together today and had a crawl south of #9 that led up to a stand of sea oats on a low dune. Bob located the eggs and noted the root issue in the chamber. Denise documented their walk with these great photos. Thanks for the talented Baird teamwork this morning!

HOB24  68 yds. south #9mm   

HOB24 was laid on a low dune covered in sea oats.
At hatching time, the roots in this nest may obstruct the turtles’ exit.

DEB 16 HOB 24 SCUTE 76 SC 2828