North: Mark and Buffie split their walk with Mark walking south and Buffie north of their Prince George house. Mark found a crawl south #6mm with high nest potential in the V of the sand fence and alerted Buffie. She easily located the egg chamber of this classic nest making it her first find of the season, DEB15…go Buffie!

Middle: Walter had a tight turnaround crawl in front of Pioneer Place Villas. It was also in the V of the sand fence but no thrown sand or uprooted vegetation, a false crawl.

Hobcaw: Congratulations to Steven for locating the egg chamber in yesterday’s crawl north #6mm. There was a lot of wind and rain yesterday. Steven studied the photos and talked to Brandie about her experience and it paid off…great find…HOB09. 

DEB 15 HOB 9 SCUTE 63 SC 1681

6-14-21 This mother loggerhead picked a perfect location for her nest.
6-14-21 Buffie was happy to have her first nest of the season, easily locating the egg chamber in the soft sand…DEB15!
6-14-21 We are so proud of Steven for locating HOB09 the day after it was laid, had been rained on and was windblown! He studied the original photos and it paid off:)
6-14-21 Steven captured this beautiful Monday morning calm sunrise after a rough day Sunday.