The turtles visited all 3 sections last night and laid 2 nests!

North: Judie E. subbed for Judy K. and was joined by Carolyn. They had a perfect crawl north #14mm at Prince George. Judie located the egg chamber and this became a natural DEB11…way to go Judie!

Middle: Pat S. and John had a meandering turtle that bumped along the seawall between WW#8 and #9 for about 50 yds. There was no nesting evidence but from the photo, you can see the extent of the turtle’s efforts and why hard structures are not good:(

Hobcaw: Bill and Bob B. set out looking for activity. They found a crawl south #19mm where the turtle crawled up high on the face of the dune and nested on the way down (see inked photo). Bob did a good job probing and locating the very shallow chamber which could mean this is a large nest:) Way to go Bob!

DEB 11 HOB 16 SCUTE 73 SC 1801

5-31 DEB11 was a natural nest at Prince George that Judie E. easily located.
5-31 The DEB11 team…Carolyn and Judie E.
5-31 Pat and John found where a turtle bumped along the seawall in the Middle for about 50 yds.
5-31 HOB16 crawled up the face of the dune and nested on the way down. Bob located the shallow egg chamber.
5-31 Bob located the shallow egg chamber of HOB16 and is proud to show the protected nest!