North: Buffie and Mark were joined by Mitzi this morning. They had 2 crawls, one near #6mm in Ocean Park and one north #8mm. Buffie has not had a nest this season so she headed to #8mm to work on her proficiency. It didn’t take her long to prove she still “had it”! Mark and Mitzi took the other crawl and noticed odd tracks on the right side of the crawl. The turtle has some kind of right front flipper issue (like a double impression on the right side) and has also crawled on Pawleys. After Mitzi did some studying and probing, she and Mark called it a false crawl.

DEB20  Natural  north #8mm   

DEBFC10  south #6mm (Ocean Park)   

Middle: Our friend Gimpy has returned to DEB! Walter gave Debbie a lesson in spotting the crawl of this amazing 3 flippered turtle. This is her 2nd round of nesting this season. So far this time she has tried 7x on North Island. Today is her 8th here. 

DEBFC11  south WW#3 

Hobcaw: Steven found a U turn loop false crawl low on the beach mid-Ocean Green. He walked on to find another crawl with very clear Vs that had nest potential south #6mm. The turtle crawled up high into the grass area and Steven located the chamber in just a few probes!

HOB09 Natural   south #6mm   

DEB 20 HOB 9 SCUTE 77 SC 2804

6-13-22 This tidy turtle left Buffie a nest to hone her probing skills. She easily located DEB20!
6-13-22 Mark and Mitzi found this crawl in Ocean Park but were not able to locate eggs.
6-13-22 This turtle that had a false crawl in Ocean Park has an issue with her right front flipper. It leaves a double impression.
6-13-22 Our 3 flippered turtle Gimpy, who has visited DEB/HOB/NTH for the past 25 years, unsuccessfully attempted to lay her nest again last night. She is missing her left rear flipper. Her crawl is identified by the stump impression up the middle of her crawl.
6-13-22 A turtle attempted to come ashore in Ocean Green but changed her mind. Steven found this U turn loop.
6-13-22 HOB09 crawled up high to deposit her eggs on Hobcaw south #6mm. Steven easily located the egg chamber!