Mother Nature outdid any fireworks shows last night with her own display. The rain wiped the beach clean and it should have been easy to see fresh turtle tracks of the brave ones that came ashore last night.

North: Bob B. had a crawl south #15mm at Prince George. He streamlined his efforts and easily located the egg chamber…way to go Bob!

DEB45 natural south #15mm (Prince George)

Hobcaw: Bill, Buffie and Mark were greeted with a wide crawl in Ocean Green that was likely the same turtle that attempted, unsuccessfully, to climb the dune yesterday. She again scaled the pushed up dune, nested on top then wandered landward before exiting to the north. Mark located the shallow egg chamber of this large turtle…nice work Mark!

HOB53 natural north #0mm (Ocean Green)

DEB 45 HOB 53 SCUTE 257 SC 6322

7-5 Bob B. found this beautiful crawl south #15mm at Prince George.
7-5 Bob B. was able to locate the egg chamber of DEB45 and saved one eggshell for DNA.
7-5 Bill, Buffie and Mark found the crawl of this turtle that likes to climb tall dunes. It is likely the same one that made an attempt yesterday, both in Ocean Green.
7-5 A body pit, uprooted vegetation and thrown sand area good evidence that the turtle nested. She did and Mark found the egg chamber!
7-5 Mark stands high atop the Ocean Green dune with HOB53.