We decided to remove all remaining screen/stakes on nests to prevent them from washing away into the environment. We left the signs that have the nest information. We have 14 nests remaining to hatch and pray they make it through H. Dorian!

North: Buffie and Mark, after much nest maintenance, had this report:

Inventory results:
natural 7/13 86 yds. north #8mm  Hatch success: 90% with no live hatchlings released

Hobcaw: Kathi A. had this report:

HOB64 relocated 7/16 54 yds. north #1mm  Hatch – 20 tracks 
   Wendy will inventory Saturday morning

DEB 63 HOB 68 SCUTE 357 (67 nests remaining) SC 8728

9-4 Perhaps knowing H. Dorian was coming, about 20 hatchlings exited HOB64 at only 50 days!
9-4 A little humor is always good at hurricane time!