North: Pat O. found a crawl in a good location between DeBordieu and Prince George and continued on to the inlet. Returning, she located the egg chamber of DEB08…go Pat! DEB08  180 yds. south #10mm

Pat located the egg chamber of DEB08 between DeBordieu and Prince George.

Middle: Donna was excited to have her first activity of the season with a textbook crawl in front of Pioneer Place Villas. She easily located the egg chamber in the dark renourishment sand left it natural. Donna said she had fun! DEB07  38 yds. south WW#1 

DEB07 was laid in front of Pioneer Place Villas. Donna located the egg chamber and left the nest natural.

Hobcaw: Kathi A. also had activity with 2 false crawls which both seemed to be Gimpy. There was the stump imprint up the middle of the crawls and her characteristic piles of sand. Kathi worked on both but found no eggs.

HOBFC10  27 yds. north #14mm  HOBFC11  61 yds. south #13mm   

DEB 8 HOB 13 SCUTE 48 SC 1536

Gimpy, the 3 flippered turtle, crawled up on Hobcaw twice last night but did not deposit her eggs. Kathi A. probed both crawls.

SCUTE cards: These cards are full of sea turtle information are now available at DeBordieu Rentals. Please stop by and pick one up and learn about these amazing loggerhead sea turtles and the volunteer program to protect them!