North: Buffie and Mark had a nest and a false crawl. 

DEB28 Relocated  to north #11mm  Buffie located/relocated!

Middle: Walter and Debbie teamed up and had a nest and 4 false crawls.

DEB27 Relocated to south WW#2  Debbie located/relocated!

Hobcaw: Steven was joined by Mitzi, Chelsey and her husband. They had 2 nests and 3 false crawls.

HOB20 Natural  south #5mm  Chelsey located!

HOB21 Natural  south #2mm  Mitzi located!

DEB 28                   HOB 21                       SCUTE 134                 SC 4485

6-27-22 Buffie found this beautiful crawl just south of Prince George, located the egg chamber and realized it was below the spring tide line. She then relocated the nest.
6-27-22 Buffie found a better location for DEB28 above the spring tide line. The 3 reeds denote the nest was moved. This turtle laid105 eggs.
6-27-22 Debbie and Walter found a nest in the Middle south WW#2. Debbie probed the body pit and found the egg chamber!
6-27-22 Debbie relocated 118 eggs from DEB27 to a higher elevation south WW#2.
6-27-22 Chelsey and Mitzi protect HOB20 after Chelsey located it. Thankfully, it was laid high enough on the beach.
6-27-22 Mitzi probed HOB21 and located the egg chamber which is always a thrill!
6-27-22 Mitzi, Steven and Chelsey celebrate their big morning on Hobcaw with a team photo. They had 2 nests and 3 false crawls…true dedication!