North: Buffie and Mark were joined by Jean this morning. They initially thought there was no activity but on their return walk, realized they had a blurred crawl just south #11mm! The turtle must have come in before the heavy rain. As Buffie & Mark instructed, Jean probed and after finding a few hopeful spots, zeroed in on the egg chamber! This nest was laid below the spring tide and in the low area we call the “North river”. Jean got to relocate the eggs out and back in with Buffie giving a little help. Congratulations to Jean on her first nest and relocation!

Middle: Walter and his wife Nancy found a crawl just north WW#7. Walter located the egg chamber and knew the nest had to go north. Good job on your solo relo Walter!

DEB 21 HOB 14 SCUTE 87 SC 2405

6-21-21 Last night’s heavy rain made the tracks of DEB21 blurry. Buffie, Jean and Mark noticed this classic crawl on their return walk. It was just south #11mm on the North end.
6-21-21 Jean, working toward SCDNR certification, got her first experience probing a turtle nest. Buffie and Mark said she located the soft sand, digging down to find eggs!
6-21-21 DEB20 had to be relocated because it was laid below the spring tide line. It is also in a low area prone to tidal flooding.
6-21-21 Jean was excited to locate and then relocate and protect her first turtle nest, DEB21…go Jean!
6-21-21 Walter found this crawl just north WW#7 in an area prone to wash overs. He had to relocate it north to WW#6.
6-21-21 Walter’s probe marks the location of the egg chamber of DEB20.