This has all the makings of a big season because there seems to be activity daily!
North: Beth and Pat St. found a promising crawl and body pit  just south #12mm near Prince George. Pat had forgotten her cue so Beth did the probing, located a soft area and Pat took it from there! She located the egg chamber and went through the procedure with Beth’s guidance. They were able to leave the nest natural. Good teamwork!
Middle: Kathy C. found a crawl just north WW#6 with a big difference in the crawls and a definite body pit. Kathy found the egg chamber easily and decided the nest needed to be relocated since it was in front of a scarped dune. Homeowner, David was a great help in counting eggs and carrying the bucket. Kathy found 115 good eggs but 9 were broken inside the chamber. The new nest site is just north WW#5. Good job Kathy and David!
Hobcaw: Susan and Bob C. found a third false crawl from what we feel is the same turtle. The tracks were uninterrupted and located just north #14mm. Susan and Bob gave it a probing for good measure:)
DEB 6   HOB 1   SCUTE 21   SC 655

5-21 Beth and Pat St. found this crawl just south of Prince George.
5-21 Pat St. found her first turtle nest and shows an egg to prove it!
5-21 The DEB05 team: Beth and Pat St.
5-21 Kathy C. found a crawl north WW#6 with a big variation in lengths indicating the turtle spent time on the beach.
5-21 The DEB06 team: Kathy C. and helper, David.