WHEW...we are having lots of turtle activity of all varieties around the clock!

North: Pat O., Buffie and Mark found the major hatch of natural DEB03 south #14mm at Prince George with about 70 tracks counted! Judie E. will inventory this nest Saturday morning.

Pat and team also found a fresh tidy turtle crawl north #9mm low on the beach. Newly certified Buffie and Mark wanted Pat to do this nest since she has been mostly training. Pat quickly located the chamber and the decision to relocate to better incubating habitat was made:

DEB58 relocated to north #9mm 

The team also found natural DEB07 dated 5/23 (54-55 days) located south #10mm has hatched. We will inventory this nest Sat. at 6:00 p.m.

Middle: Donna found another tidy turtle crawl north WW#3 in an ideal location. She wasted no time locating the egg chamber!

DEB57 natural north WW#3 

We will do these inventories tonight at 6:00 p.m.

DEB01 relocated dated 5/13 located 43 yds. south WW#4

DEB02 natural dated 5/17 located 90 yds. south WW#5

Hobcaw: Kathi A. reported the major hatch of natural HOB01 dated 5/16 (62 days) located 43 yds. north #14mm with 50 tracks counted! Wendy will inventory this nest on her Saturday morning walk.

DEB 58 HOB 64 SCUTE 317 SC 7572

7-17 The major hatch of natural DEB03 south #14mm at Prince George!
7-17 Pat O., Buffie and Mark found this crawl north #9mm laid low on the beach. It was relocated and became DEB58!
7-17 This tidy turtle laid her nest out of harm’s way. Donna easily located the chamber of DEB57!