North: Tom found a crawl north #16mm near the groin which could have been the same turtle as Sunday’s false crawl. The turtle found a good nesting spot and Tom located the egg chamber.

DEB31  natural  north #16mm at Prince George

Middle: Walter was joined by Haden this morning. They found a crawl south of WW#4 in front of the big white house (Kathi A. saw this turtle nesting last night around 10:30). Walter, inspired by Wendy’s homemade wooden T bar probe, made a tapered version and let Haden ‘test drive’ it. He probed and found a soft area and asked Walter to confirm it as the egg chamber! With practice, Haden will learn to trust his instincts….good progress!

DEB32  natural  south WW#4 

DEB 32 HOB 31 SCUTE 159 SC 3829

6-17 Tom located this nest near the groin at Prince George. It was likely the same turtle who tried unsuccessfully Sunday.
6-17 Walter and Haden found these tracks just south of WW#4. Kathi A. watched this turtle lay her eggs last night around 10:30!
6-17 Walter made a wooden T bar probe and let Haden try it out.