North: Jean had 2 rained on potential nests and said she would welcome help. Jim walked the Middle with Carolyn and Chelsey and had no activity so he headed north.

DEB31  Natural  north #11mm  up at base of dunes   

DEBFC33  north #13mm

Hobcaw: Wendy found an unusual crawl 2 yds. north #2mm with an area of digging in the incoming. The turtle then crawled up to the dune grasses and turned around. She probed the area on the incoming but found nothing.

HOBFC52  north #2mm 

DEB 31              HOB 24                SCUTE 150                SC 5103    

7-2-22 This turtle crawled up to the base of the dunes north #11mm near Prince George for a good nesting location.
7-2-22 Jean and Jim working as a team, probed and located the egg chamber of DEB31!
7-2-22 Wendy had an unusual crawl on Hobcaw just north #2mm. The turtle paused on her incoming crawl and made a disturbance before continuing on to the dune area. No eggs were located.