North: Frankie, Donna and Peggy had 2 crawls this morning. There was a U turn false crawl:

DEBFC11  north #16mm at Prince George 
They also had a crawl north #9mm where the turtle went up on the dune in vegetation. From the photos they sent, it appeared to be a false crawl with no obvious body pit. Donna probed and found a soft area, dug down and bingo…eggs! She said the experience of a similar nest, DEB17, in front of the N. Beach Villas, helped her locate this one…way to go Donna!

DEB34  natural north #9mm 

Middle: Bob C. found a crawl south WW#5 where the turtle plowed along the scarped dune and it appeared to be a nest. Betsy and Bob determined of most possibility and he probed the middle of the crawl. After much probing and removal of sand, they asked another volunteer to check it. Susan, having no Hobcaw activity, was summoned to be another set of eyes/hands. Her efforts produced no egg chamber either:( These turtles keep us guessing!
DEBFC12  false crawl south WW#5 

DEB 34 HOB 36 SCUTE 174 SC 4353

6-20 This turtle crawled up on the top of the dune and nested in vegetation.
6-20 Donna did a good job of locating DEB34 in a flat area on top of the vegetated dune!
6-20 Bob C. found this crawl south WW#5 that appeared to be a nest. Bob, Betsy and Susan all gave it a good probing but did not come up with a nest.