North: Judy K. and Marie had a big surprise this morning with 4 crawls! It appears that the same turtle made 3 attempts and then nested on the 4th. She worked her way north starting north #8mm and finally nested south #14mm. The false crawls were all high up on the dunes but the nest was low so Judy and Marie relocated it. They had quite a long morning…good job!

 DEB26 78 yds. south #14mm (Prince George) 

DEBFC21  76 yds. north #8mm  DEBFC22  38 yds. south #9mm  DEBFC23  60 yds. north #9mm 

After 3 attempts DEB26 finally nested just south #14mm
Judy K. and Marie relocated DEB26 to a safer spot on the face of the dunes at Prince George.

Hobcaw: Brandie had a lot of hatching activity this morning plus a WILD NEST to report at the inlet!

HOB44  44 yds. south #19mm  wild nest (undetected) 

HOB05, HOB06, HOB07 had hatches as if the turtles knew they better exit ahead of H. Isaias!

Brandie found this nest south #19mm that hatched just fine with no protection. It is called a wild nest because we missed it when it was laid.
One of 3 Hobcaw nests that hatched last night!

DEB 26 HOB 44 SCUTE 158 SC 5214