North: Maribeth, Donna St., Donna Sh. and Kathy S. had the only activity this morning. They had 3 false crawls and a 4th crawl that looked like a nest and was located later by *Buffie and Mark. They waited to relocate the nest around 7:00 p.m. when the sand had cooled down. We are expecting King tides next week so the relocation was timely.

DEB36  Relocated to north #13mm moved because it was below the spring tide line 106 eggs

DEBFC41  south #6mm 

DEBFC42  north #10mm 

DEBFC43  north #11mm 

DEB 36             HOB 26                SCUTE 167                       SC 5731

7-8-22 DEB36 was not located until mid-morning by Buffie* and Mark. They waited until early evening to relocate the nest to a higher elevation.
7-8-22 DEB36 has safer habitat for its 60 day incubation.