There were similarities in some of the crawls today with barnacle scrapes and crawl patterns up to the high base of the dunes. We hope that after a couple of false crawls to the south, the North had the successful nesting. 

North: Pat O. subbed for Lourdes and had Debbie join her. They had 2 false crawls and a nest which Debbie located, probed and located, sent all nest data and photos…nicely done Debbie!

DEB35 Natural  north #12mm   up on dune

DEBFC39  south #8mm   turtle crawled up into dunes and looped back around and returned

DEBFC40  south #13mm  turnaround at base of dunes

Middle: Pat St., who has longed for a Middle nest, had 2 crawls this morning. One was a loopy U turn false crawl, the other tried in 2 different areas to nest at the scarp of the dune. There were coyote tracks throughout the crawl. We wonder if the coyote scared off the turtle? Probing efforts yielded no chamber location.

DEBFC37  south WW#10    loopy U turn

DEBFC38  south WW#3    turtle made 2 attempts at dune scarp

Hobcaw: Susan had a crawl up into the vegetation at #3mm. She felt the turtle came up, started to dig but was visited by a coyote (?). She then went back to the water to again crawl up over her previous tracks to the grasses. There was matted down grasses but none uprooted and no body pit or thrown sand.

HOBFC53  at #3mm  turnaround in grasses

DEB 35              HOB 26                SCUTE 164                     SC 5636

7-7-22 Pat O. and Debbie, walking the North, found this potential nest just south of Prince George.
7-7-22 Debbie shows her excitement in locating the egg chamber of DEB35, laid in a great location!
7-7-22 Susan could find no eggs in this crawl and feels the turtle was interrupted by a curious coyote or other pawed predator.