North: Judy arrived at the Beach Club walkway and was greeted with a crawl! Due to the rain, she at first thought it might be a false crawl. Probing, Judy easily located the egg chamber:) Since this is a high traffic area, she surrounded the nest area with surveyors tape. Good going Judy!

Here is where we were a year ago today. See numbers in parentheses below.

DEB 18 (13) HOB 14 (20) SCUTE 81 (66) SC 2173 (2314)

6-20-21 This morning’s rain blurred this crawl in front of the Beach Club.
6-20-21 The body pit, obscured by the rain, still showed the signs of being a nest. Judy probed and located the egg chamber.
6-20-21 Judy protected DEB19 and later surrounded it with pink surveyors tape. It was laid in a high traffic area.