North: Lourdes was greeted with a potential nest south #11mm. It was laid just below the STL and she wisely relocated it to a safer elevation…good job!

DEB30 Relocated to south #11mm  143 eggs +1 DNA 

Middle: Pat St. filled her usual bag of trash and snapped this ominous sunrise photo. Fortunately, our Thursday team did not get wet:)

Certification: We proudly announce that Lori and Michael Stevenson have each earned their SCDNR certification! They joined us in 2021 and have walked all 3 sections with a variety of volunteers. They are very grateful to their instructors realizing they are giving up their own nests to spread their turtle knowledge to their trainees. 

Lori (from Maine) is employed by Compass Financial Partners. Michael (from New Hampshire) is a compliance officer with LPL Financial. Both are avid runners and marathon participants. They moved to DeBordieu from Greensboro in 2020. It was Lori that was anxious to join the turtle program. During beach walks, they met Buffie and Mark who inspired and educated them about loggerheads. The 4 of them watched one night as a nest boiled and then both were hooked! Michael and Mark now coordinate about supplies since Michael has access to the #7mm road. Team Stevenson covers the Middle on Fridays. They are anxious to try out their new certifications and we are happy for them and proud of their accomplishment!

DEB  30              HOB  23              SCUTE  143                  SC  4823     

6-30-22 Lourdes knew this nest would need to be relocated to a higher elevation since it was below the spring tide line in a low area prone to flooding.
6-30-22 143 eggs will now have a better chance of incubation at their new home south #11mm near Prince George.
6-30-22 Lourdes documented the relocation of DEB30 with a happy selfie!
6-30-22 Pat St. snapped this photo of a threatening sunrise but fortunately no volunteers got wet on their walks.
6-29-22 Michael and Lori are now full-fledged SCDNR certified volunteers… Congratulations to Team Stevenson!