North: We learned this afternoon from a Prince George resident that there was a crawl well past the #16mm on the Pawleys Inlet side. Beth made a return walk to investigate and was able to locate the egg chamber in a very long crawl where the turtle bumped along the sheared dune! Her photos are great for documenting the location and crawl. Thanks, Beth, for making a second trip under threatening skies and bringing back an egg! DEB06 199 yds. north #16mm

DEB 6 HOB13 SCUTE 45 SC 1493

This turtle crawled up on the Pawleys Inlet side of Prince George and laid her nest in a long rambling crawl.
Beth went on Google Earth to mark the location of DEB06 on Pawleys Inlet.

Certification: Lourdes Beard has become our first certified volunteer of 2020! She began with us last season and got great practice/training with all the activity we had. Lourdes felt she really benefited from walking different sections with different volunteers, who shared their personal techniques. 

Lourdes is from Chicago although her family originated in Cuba. She studied at the American Academy of Art and received a degree in Commercial Design and later completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Business from Elmhurst College in Chicago. Her passion is teaching Spanish and students at Waccamaw Elementary and the Montessori School are fortunate to have her. Lourdes enjoys cooking, biking, tennis and hiking. She and her husband, Danny, moved to DeBordieu in 2016. They have 3 children. 

Lourdes says she is happy to be an official certified SCUTE volunteer and looks forward to continuing her turtle education as she hits the beach on her own…congratulations!!

Lourdes earned her SCUTE certification by walking with numerous volunteers and working on many crawls. She is happy to be official and we are proud of her!