North: Pat O. and Pat St. had 2 crawls this morning! The northernmost crawl they believe occurred while they were surveying around Pawleys Inlet. The turtle must have come up and done a quick U-turn realizing it was a little late to be on the beach!

Their initial crawl in Ocean Park had high nest potential with body pit, dark thrown sand covering the track and a tight pivot with arc. Anita joined them after walking the Middle with Carolyn. They marked off the area of probability and Pat St. concentrated on the center of the crawl, successfully locating the chamber. Pat is edging closer to certification!

DEB 10 HOB 7 SCUTE 48 SC 1394

6-9-21 A loggerhead emerged from the ocean while the Wednesday volunteers were surveying around the inlet. She must have realized it was to bright to be on the beach and retreated!
6-9-21 This turtle crawled high enough on the beach on Ocean Park to get her nest out of harm’s way.
6-9-21 The body pit had the classic signs of being a nest with thrown, dark, mounded sand and a tight pivot area. Pat St. drew off her area of concentration to probe.
6-9-21 After successfully locating the chamber of DEB10, Pat St. protects the nest under the watchful eye of her instructor, Pat O.
6-9-21 The DEB10 team of Pat O., Anita and Pat St. celebrate with a group photo!