North: Judy K. is back in the saddle after an unplanned extended European vacation! A turtle welcomed her back with a U turn false crawl south #8mm and then a nest at the #11mm. Judy proved she still had the touch and located the egg chamber which was right in the spring tide line. She did the smart thing and relocated the large nest directly back. Judy’s nest is SCUTE’s 100th…what a great morning!!

DEB22 Relocated  #11mm 

DEBFC14  south #8mm  U turn

DEB 22         HOB 15         SCUTE 100         SC 3344                

6-19-22 Judy K. was excited to see this potential nest at #11mm just south of Prince George.
6-19-22 After considering the location in an area prone to flooding during extreme high tides, Judy did the right thing and relocated the nest to higher ground.
6-19-22 Judy was excited to have SCUTE’s 100th nest on her first walk of the season!