North: Judy K. and Donna had 2 crawls. One was the return of the turtle with the line up the left side of her crawl (we will call her ‘Barnacle Betty’). After probing thoroughly, no chamber was found and this became the 4th false crawl from this turtle….maybe tomorrow:)
DEBFC18  false crawl north #14mm

The other crawl was a different turtle and crawled over an existing nest, knocking down a stake/tape and then went up on the dune. Donna is getting good experience with these type nests and located the egg chamber…way to go:)

DEB41 natural north Beach Club (#4mm) in front of N. Beach Villas   

Certification: Congratulations to Donna Smith who has earned her SCDNR certification! Walking all three sections with different volunteers, Donna has had good training, sends in good data/photos and is becoming comfortable with the nest-locating process. She and husband Sid, came to DeBordieu via CT 8 years ago. Donna first became interested in turtles by walking her dog on the North and running into Ingrid and Tom. Frankie later encouraged her to join our group. Donna’s interests are playing mahjong, fly fishing, cooking and biking DeBordieu. We are proud of your accomplishment!

DEB 41 HOB 44 SCUTE 222 SC 5710

6-30 We are calling this turtle ‘Barnacle Betty’ because she has a line up the left side of her crawl, likely a barnacle on her belly. This was her 4th false crawl in 3 days:(
6-30 This turtle crawled right over DEB36 and nested on top of the dune in front of N. Beach Villas.
6-30 Donna is getting good at locating chambers on dunes in vegetation. She found DEB41, a natural nest!
6-30 We are proud of Donna for earning her SCDNR certification!