North: Pat and Marie subbed for Judy K. this morning and had 2 crawls on the northern end. Hopefully, the nest, south of #15mm, was the return of one of the false crawls from yesterday. Buffie and Mark gave both a try, in addition to Maribeth and Betsy but found no eggs. 
Marie probed the crawl but was not feeling a soft area. Pat gave it a try and, locating the chamber, let Marie probe and see what it felt like. She took over from there digging and doing the rest of the procedure. The other crawl south of #12mm proved to be a false crawl with no true body pit. It was a morning of instruction and teamwork!

DEB17   due to reception issues at Prince George, Pat will send nest info this afternoon

DEBFC12   3 yds. south #12mm   

DEB17 was south of #15mm at Prince George very near a false crawl from yesterday. The turtle may have returned and decided to lay her eggs this time.

Saharan sunrise: You may have read about the dust blowing across the Atlantic from the Sahara Desert (link below to Post & Courier article). It arrived here yesterday and makes for interesting sunrises/sunsets which are predicted to be more colorful. Wendy captured these sunrise images on her Hobcaw walk with Duane yesterday.

A Saharan dust storm caused the haziness of the sunrise on 6/27.
photo on Hobcaw Beach by Wendy A.

DEB 17 HOB 24 SCUTE 78 SC 3013