North: Steven and Chelsey teamed up, subbing for Judy K., and found a nice crawl just north #12mm before Prince George. It had all the classic field signs of a nest. After analysis, Chelsey drew the starting line, probed about 15 times and located the chamber! The location was perfect, on the slant of the dune. Chelsey, in training for SCDNR certification, recorded all the data and took photos…good practice and nice job!

DEB06  Natural   north #12mm   

Hobcaw: Brandie found a crawl with uninterrupted tracks south #1mm. She was in hopes of finding a 2nd attempt further south but did not. Maybe the turtle will return tonight:)

HOBFC13  south #1mm   

DEB 6 HOB 4 SCUTE 24 SC 1186

5-29-22 This crawl showed all the classic signs that there were eggs beneath. It was laid in an ideal location at the base of the dunes and well above the spring tide line.
5-29-22 These squiggly swirls up the center of the crawl could be from a barnacle on the female’s plastron. This helps give the turtle an identity. We will watch for a crawl like this in about 2 weeks if she comes back here to nest.
5-29-22 Trainer Steven said Chelsey studied the crawl before beginning to probe. It only took her 15 tries before she located the soft sand of the nest!
5-29-22 Chelsey happily shows off the DNA egg from DEB06:)
5-29-22 Brandie recognized this was a false crawl by the uninterrupted tracks…HOBFC13.