North: Pat O., walking solo, found a potential nest south #8mm. Similar to yesterday’s 2 nests, it was laid in the STL in a flat area. Pat easily located the chamber of this tidy turtle and decided relocation was best for the nest. Good job, Pat!

DEB25 Relocated to south #8mm  

Hobcaw: Duane’s only activity was another U turn false crawl north #12mm by the turtle with the barnacle rut up the left side of her crawl. We will call this one “Lefty” for identification purposes:) This is Lefty’s 8th false crawl in 3 days and we can’t figure out her disability in nesting…no attempts:(

HOBFC35  north #12mm 

DEB 25              HOB 16                 SCUTE 114          SC 3886        

6-22-22 Pat O. found this crawl south #8mm with a chamber below the spring tide line (STL). She probed, found the egg chamber and relocated the nest to a bit higher elevation for better incubation.
6-22-22 Pat moved DEB25 with 84 eggs to the gentle slant of the dune.
6-22-22 Duane found the 8th attempt to nest by this turtle we are calling “Lefty”. She must have a barnacle on the left side of her plastron which makes her crawl distinctive.