North: Pat O. had a potential nest just south #9mm. The coyote(s) were interested but did no digging. With no other activity north, Pat located the chamber of this tidy turtle which was right in the wrack line. This will be a late September hatch, so we decided relocation was best for the nest…good job Pat!

DEB43 Relocated  south #9mm   87 eggs

Hobcaw: Wendy had a false crawl and did the inventory of HOB03 which was a good one!

HOBFC59 south #6mm 

HOB03 natural  74 yds. north #9mm  with no live hatchlings, a 92.5% hatch success!

Garden City inventory: A two headed hatchling was found while the GCB volunteers were conducting an inventory! These aren’t seen too often but anomalies do occur in nature.

DEB 43  HOB 30  SCUTE 221  SC 6941

7-20-22 Pat O. had a crawl with nest potential south #9mm that had been walked on by coyotes. Fortunately, they did not dig. Pat located the egg chamber of this tidy turtle.
7-20-22 Pat made a good decision to relocate the nest and give it a better chance of survival.
7-20-22 The Garden City Beach volunteers shared this photo of a 2 headed hatchling found in a nest inventory.