North: Maribeth and Donna St. were joined by Kathy S. and Donna Sh. this morning. There was a tidy turtle crawl south #13mm near the steps of the first house at Prince George. With no other activity, newly certified Donna St. located the egg chamber on the 2nd probe! The nest was above the spring tide line and North River bed. Donna Sh. and Kathy S. each had a chance to probe and get the feel of the soft sand.

DEB26 Natural  south #13mm 

Hobcaw: Bob and Denise did the Friday survey and had an unusually long false crawl south #10mm. The tracks were even indicating she came in before high tide at 4:48 a.m. She entered from the south and paralleled the dunes for 37 yds. before exiting through the back of the dunes.
HOBFC36  south #10mm 

DEB 26                    HOB 16                        SCUTE 119                 SC 4120 

6-24-22 This turtle crawled up to just below the steps of the first house at Prince George. She made a neat body pit which Donna St. probed and located the egg chamber.
6-24-22 DEB26 has a good location above the spring tide line and was left natural.
6-24-22 There was one area of interest in the long false crawl on Hobcaw where there was an interruption in the crawl. Bob gave it a probing but found nothing and put in 5 reeds.