North: Maribeth and new volunteer, Donna, had a long, impressive crawl this morning just south of #12mm. Maribeth wasted no time locating the egg chamber showing Donna our procedure. Nice job, Maribeth!

MIddle: Jackie had no turtle activity but found thousands of tiny white styrofoam balls strewn between Walkways 2 and 4. Ugh…styrofaom is the worst:(

Hobcaw: Wendy and Duane found Gimpy’s 2nd crawl south of #1mm with the usual markings. There was the distinctive crawl, 2 open chambers and piled up sand. Duane explored the holes left by Gimpy but found nothing. No doubt, she will be back tonight.

DEB 2 HOB 2 SCUTE 9 SC 321

Maribeth and Donna found a long crawl south of #12mm on the North near Prince George.
The body pit area of DEB02
Maribeth successfully located the chamber of DEB02, demonstrating the procedure for new volunteer, Donna.
Jackie found thousands of tiny styrofoam balls littering the beach between Walkways 2 and ugh!!
Wendy and Duane had another Gimpy crawl with open chambers just south of #1mm on Hobcaw.
Duane checked for eggs in Gimpy’s crawl but found none.