North: Maribeth, Donna and her dad, Bob, stepped off the Beach Club walkway and spotted a crawl to the north in front of North Beach Villas. They walked on checking nests for wash overs. Returning to the crawl, Donna, who is working toward certification, went through the procedure and determined the area to probe. She quickly learned the difference between the firm sand and the nest chamber that “gives way”! The chamber was in a perfect location on the low dune, high and dry…yay Donna!

Hobcaw: Duane, joined by Lori and Michael, had no activity and got to work lifting screens with sand accretion. He said it was a case of “many hands make light work” as they cleared every nest that needed maintenance. This is great and so appreciated by the other HOB volunteers. Lori said “the boys” let her clear one nest with 4″ of sand accumulation solo…go Lori and thanks to all!

DEB 23 HOB 16 SCUTE 95 SC 2672

6-25-21 This turtle knew to crawl up on the dune so the eggs would be high and dry for the best incubation.
6-25-21 This body pit had the broken vegetation which tells the volunteers that the turtle dug and likely deposited her eggs.
6-25-21 Donna (center) was happy to locate the egg chamber of DEB23 and protect the nest with Maribeth and Bob assisting.
6-25-21 Lori and Michael, also working toward certification, learned another aspect of being a turtle volunteer is nest maintenance. The King tide dumped up to 6 inches of additional sand onto nests.
6-25-21 This nest had 4-6 inches of sand which would slow down incubation. Duane, Lori and Michael worked together to clear it.
6-25-21 Thanks to the Friday nest maintenance crew for a job well done on Hobcaw!
6-25-21 Lori worked solo to clear off HOB14 of 4 inches of accumulated sand.
6-25-21 Lori showed “the boys” she was up to the task and did a good job on HOB14!