North: Lourdes had her 3rd nest of the season this morning with the crawl of a tidy turtle south #10mm. She located the chamber quickly and felt the nest was high enough to leave natural and on a slight incline. Way to go again, Lourdes!

Hobcaw: HOB04 was laid 5/28 in Ocean Green, which is prone to flooding, but did not make the 9:00 a.m. deadline for relocation. Two weeks later is when SCDNR says a nest can safely be relocated. Volunteer in training, Pat St., with Betsy there for support, relocated 123 eggs south to better habitat. Bob B. returned from his Hobcaw walk and helped carry the bucket and count the eggs going back into the nest. Pat did a very careful job on her 2nd relocation!

DEB 13 HOB 7 SCUTE 53 SC 1548

6-11-21 This turtle crawled up high and laid a very concise nest.
6-11-21 DEB13 was a “tidy turtle’ which made it easier for Lourdes to locate her chamber.
6-11-21 Pat St. carefully took 123 eggs out of the original location of HOB04 in Ocean Green. She then dug a new chamber and carefully put the eggs in. The nest is now in better habitat for development just south #0mm on Hobcaw Beach.
6-11-21 Bob B. and Pat St. are happy to have HOB04 protected and in a better location.