Nesting is slowing down as hatching is picking up….

North: Frankie and Peggy got an early start and found a crawl just south #14mm. Peggy probed up the middle of the most likely area and quickly located the chamber of DEB59…go Peggy!

DEB59 natural south #14mm 

Middle: We will inventory relocated DEB06 dated 5/21 located 17 yds. north WW#5 at 6:00 p.m.

Hobcaw: Carolyn, subbing for Susan, was joined by Bob B. They found the hatch of natural HOB02 dated 5/22 (57 days) located south #11mm with about 20 tracks counted. Brandie will inventory this nest Sunday morning.

DEB 59 HOB 64 SCUTE 320 SC 7673

7-18 Peggy located the chamber of DEB59 near #14mm at Prince George and marked the spot!