North: Frankie, Peggy, Buffie and Mark found that the coyote(s) got into 2 nests:

DEB09 5/26 south #14mm  This nest was in the process of hatching. 26 hatchlings were found dead on the beach. The inventory was done and one live hatchling was found in bottom of nest was released.  Hatch success:74%

DEB04 5/19 north #12mm  The coyote dug up this hatched nest scheduled for inventory this morning. Hatch success: 88% (Buffie/Mark)

And some good news!
DEB61 natural north #13mm  Frankie and Peggy had a fresh crawl!
Both probed with Frankie locating the chamber and Peggy digging to find eggs…good teamwork!

INVENTORY: DEB10 dated 5/26 located just north of Beach Club walkway in front of N. Beach Villas Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Hobcaw: Susan and Carolyn had this report:

HOB06 5/26 creekside  crab activity Bill, Lourdes, Mark will inventory Friday morning

DEB 61 HOB 65 SCUTE 338 SC 8086

7-25 A coyote dug into the hatching or hatched nest of DEB09 south #14mm at Prince George. The inventory was done and one live hatchling was in the bottom of the chamber.
7-25 This hatchling was released from the inventory of the coyote-depredated nest of DEB09 at Prince George.
7-25 Frankie and Peggy found a fresh crawl and turned it into DEB61, a natural nest just north #13mm at Prince George.